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My Children Exploring the Salk Institute in La Jolla, CA, designed by Louis Kahn

Raising Creatives

When I was in second grade, my school started a pilot program called ELP (Extended Learning Program) which I got to participate in.  Once a week about 10 of us would go into a different classroom and have the most creative fun ever.  I remember being excited for Wednesday mornings when I got to venture out to the portables and work on self-guided projects in any medium of my choosing.  My best friend was in the class wth me and we had a real devotion to the movie Annie and its star Eileen Quinn. For one of our projects, we recorded a mock radio show where we voiced different characters pretending to interview the film’s actors as well as discuss the origins of both the story and the early radio show, Little Orphan Annie.  In another project, I designed an entire women’s magazine that mocked the fashion industry at the ripe age of 9. It was my first foray into graphic design. There were all sorts of concepts covered in these explorations; history, social issues, current events, logic and reasoning, the list goes on.  The entire time I was a part of that program I was exercising my creativity and critical thinking muscles.  It was a real wake up call when I got to Junior High and school looked a lot like a typical classroom again and little like the exploratory and creative environment we enjoyed the years prior.

When I got to college, I decided to study design.  Through my program of study I was able to recapture many of the feelings that I had in my ELP days.  I really learned how to think critically, solve problems and work through ideas to design real solutions. It was one of the most exciting and enjoyable times of my life.

I am now a parent of 2 children and I see that much of what really shaped me as an adult and a professional in my education is missing from theirs. Unable to find the kind of art and design resources for older children online, I birthed the concept for Raising Creatives. It is my heart to bridge the gap that you may also be seeing in your child’s education; to help develop artistic abilities, to inspire budding designers and to develop critical thinking skills no matter where your child goes career-wise in the future. Critical thinking skills and creativity lead to innovation. After all, if a scientist keeps repeating the same process in the lab, will she ever create a new vaccine?  Will an engineer develop a new technology without creativity? I hope you will find Raising Creatives to be a compliment to your child’s education and a wildly fun place to explore, imagine and foster creativity in your children through design education.